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Superior Drain Cleaning in Tempe, AZ

Having well-functioning drains is essential for every household. This is why keeping drains clog-free is one of the most important home maintenance routines. Having a clogged drain warrants immediate attention. Otherwise, you may end up with more complex plumbing issues on your hands. Be sure to reach out to the experts from Zippity Rooter whenever you notice a problem with your drainage system.

Common Causes of Clogs

Animal Fur and Hair

Human hair and animal fur are primary contributors to clogs. The good news is that drain cleaning methods such as drain snaking and hydro jetting can easily get rid of them.

Food Waste

Food waste clogs affect your kitchen sink. Once food refuse such as tea leaves get down your sink, they cause serious clogs. To prevent your drain from clogging, get a compost bin, and before washing your dishes, ensure you’ve emptied all the foods.

Tree Roots

Tree roots, in their search for rich sources of water and minerals, can cause leaks or small cracks in your pipes. Once they get inside, they grow very fast, hindering the normal water flow. Call our experts to clear these roots to prevent extensive and costly drain repairs. To avoid this issue, keep reviewing the root structure of trees and plants near your drains. You can also have your drains monitored regularly.


The Dangers of DIY & Chemical Drain Cleaners

Drain cleaner chemicals contain harmful content that can put you and your family at risk if inhaled, swallowed, or contracted with the skin accidentally. Instead of risking your health, hire an expert from a recognized and reputable drain cleaning company to do the work for you.

DIY drain cleaning is a bad idea because of the following reasons:

  • Chemical drain cleaners can destroy your pipe

  • Your lack of experience and expertise may worsen the problem

  • DIY drain cleaning offers temporary solutions

  • DIY drain cleaning can waste time and money because you may do it wrongly

Advantages of Professional Drain Cleanings

Most homeowners start looking for experts to clean their drains only when they experience a severe drain issue. However, you can keep your drain healthy by following routine maintenance as part of your drain cleaning services.

Here are the advantages of having professionals clean your drains:

  • You will keep your home free from nasty odors and drain flies
  • You will have proper elimination of clogs
  • You will increase the longevity of your pipes
  • You will reduce the chances of getting bacteria and mold growth in your drain
  • You will avoid expensive repairs, saving a significant amount of money
Drain Cleaning Tools

Hire Our Team

Zippity Rooter is the company you can depend on for thorough drain cleaning in Tempe, AZ. After all…

  • We have 100+ years of experience
  • We have modern equipment to keep your drain clog-free
  • We have highly trained technicians
  • We respond quickly to our clients since we know some drain issues are emergency

For professional and long-lasting drain cleaning solutions, turn to Zippity Rooter. Contact our team today!

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