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Your Local Expert for Hydro Jetting in Scottsdale, AZ

Recurring clogs and slow drains can be frustrating to residents of The West's Most Western Town. The situation might cause wastewater backups or contaminate your home’s water source. If you experience these issues, it’s advisable to contact our trusted drain cleaning company and ask for our hydro jetting services. We take pride in having 100 years + experience in drain cleaning, so you are assured of excellent results.

An Overview of Hydro Jetting

The technique involves feeding a hydro jet drain cleaner into your drains to eradicate scale, grime, debris, and other clogs. The specialized tool contains several jets, including the main jet at the front that pushes away the dirt and other small ones to clean the inside of the drains. The process begins with a full video inspection to determine the cause of the blockage and if your main line is strong enough to handle the high water pressure. We provide hydro jetting services in the following locations:

  • Tempe, AZ
  • Peoria, AZ
  • Sun City, AZ
  • Sun City West, AZ

Indications You Need Hydro Jetting

  • Odors around the outside of your house
  • Sinkholes in the backyard
  • Gurgling toilets and other unusual sounds
  • Old, deteriorating drains
  • An unexplained increase in your water bill
  • Slow draining pipes

Advantages of Hydro Jetting

Besides removing tree root invasions, hydro jetting eliminates all waste buildup in the system, such as limescale and grease. It also prevents unwanted bacterial growth. Hydro jetting in Scottsdale, AZ, is a lot less costly and time-consuming than many drain cleaning methods. With no excavation required, the process will not cause significant damage to your property. The results are long-lasting, and it doesn’t require the use of chemicals.

Here is How Hydro Jetting Works

Our professionals will locate the cleanout for easy access to your home’s piping system when our drain cleaning expert comes to your home. We will then use a camera to inspect your pipes before starting the process. The inspection will indicate the exact position of the clog in the system. It will also tell us if there are any cracked or crumbled pipes.

We will insert a jetting hose downstream into the lines after ascertaining that it’s safe to proceed with the hydro jetting process. Our team will adjust the water pressure to a suitable level based on the pipe’s conditions. Once the high-pressured water starts flowing, it eliminates all clogs inside the lines. If tree roots have invaded the drain, we will use hydro jetting roots pressure to eradicate them.

Why Choose a Hydro Jetting Service Expert

Pipe jetting can be dangerous by causing physical harm and damaging your pipes. Therefore, only trained professionals should perform the hydro jetting technique. They know the proper nozzles to use and the appropriate water pressure to use on different pipes. At Zippity Rooter, we are ready to provide high-quality jetting services to protect your property and avoid costly repairs.

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Blocked drains can be a headache for local area residents, and our drain cleaning company is more than happy to solve the problem. Zippity Rooter has cleared over 10,000 drains in Arizona since our inception, so drain cleaning in Scottsdale, AZ is what we do best. Contact us today or fill out our online form to enjoy outstanding customer service and industry expertise courtesy of the local drain cleaning specialist.

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